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Aleksandr Delev

Born in 1988 in Skopje, Macedonia. Aleksandr is now based in Berlin. He studied architecture at the Bauhaus-University in Weimar, Germany where he graduated in 2020. During his studies Aleksandr was a co-founder and editor of Am Strand magazine and Silicity Protocols in Leipzig. He had apprenticed in several architecture offices in Berlin, Munich and Sydney before he established artistic practice.


In his practice, Aleksandr is interested navigating between image and object by creating an infinite dream-like environment. His objects are at the intersection of autonomous design and semi-functional products, intending to create a landscape, sort of psychogeography. In his work he creates analog and digital alterations of forms and patterns in 2D and 3D which glitch by changing the medium they are in. Aleksandr Delev seeks to depict a different environment aside from utilitarian and universal prescription yet enriched and stimulated with digital apophenias and lost-in-translation gestures.

2020 – Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven, Netherlands.
2020 – “Terrafictions” with Andrei Kopolov, Tekena Koko, CK_Offspace / Instagram.
2019 – Tallinn Architecture Biennale, Tallinn, Estonia.
2019 – An Out of This World Event IV, exhibition by Mark Friedwalski, artistic contribution by Alexander Delev, Horizont Gallery, Budapest, Hungary.
2018 – re:publica POP, Berlin, Germany.
2016 – “APPARATVS”, Litke Museum, with Mark Friedwalski, Leipzig, Germany.