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Alina Zolotykh

Alina Zolotykh was born in Stary Oskol in 1996. Now lives and works in Moscow. Currently studying at the School of Design, Higher School of Economics, Moscow, specializing in Design and Contemporary Art.


For the artist her objects and installations are the points of contact between the present, the past and the imaginary. In her practice, Alina combines various techniques related to manual labor: knitting, embroidery and ceramics. It is not only the final result that matters for her, but also the meditative creation process itself: “For me that time spent with the work is very important. Memories arise in the mind as a short flash. It is impossible to “expend” anything inside the head. Therefore I need to constantly fixate them.”

-group shows: HSE x Sample pre-auction exhibition (HSE Art Gallery, Moscow, 2019)