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Anna Belozerova

Anna was born in 1987 in Barnaul. She graduated from the Institute of Architecture and Design as an architect in 2010. Nowadays she works in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Barnaul.


Anna creates surrealistic scenes using everyday objects, changing their normal purpose. The objects can also be used as basis for abstractions. The combining of objects that seem not to go together creates new reality where objects live their own new life and interact with each other and their seeming statical state becomes a symbol of the constant changeability of the world. Thus, the artist wants to draw attention to daily repeated actions of a person, that he doesn’t even have time to reflect on; she makes us look at usual things from a different angle.

Anna explores different materials in her works, but she prefers paper, creating fantastic new worlds with it. The choice fell on paper partly due to its short-life, so when the artwork is destroyed the artist always gets «new» material to work with.

2018 – “Male Female”, Museum “City”, Barnaul, Russia.
2011 – “Sweet Dream”, Banderol gallery, Barnaul, Russia.

2021 – blazar young contemporary art fair, Museum of Moscow , Moscow, Russia.
2019 – “Nature in conflict”, Blipoint Festival Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain.
2019 – “Borders”, Space less gallery, London, UK.
2018 – “Masters of Watercolor 2018”, exhibition center of the Union of Artists, St. Petersburg, Russia.