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Apollinariya Kaspars

Polina works and lives in Moscow, her hometown. She has no degree in fine arts, but she studied for one year with the French artist Masha Schmidt in Paris in 2011. After that, the artist continued her pursuit on her own. She had a three-year break from painting and drawing in 2016. After the break, Polina started painting again and found her personal style, in which she has been working ever since.


“Inner conflict cannot always be lived out in reality, its climax and resolution cannot always be played out in the outer world. Some joys of life are hard to define in words in a way that brings satisfaction. In order to convey my experience, I take about two weeks to work on a painting. A painting becomes a place in which I
freely descend into the depths of my being, investigate my own psyche, personal and collective symbols. A canvas becomes a passage through which I find an exit. Once I bring an image to the surface I feel contentment.

Sometimes I document my dreams through painting. The more emotionally charged the dream scene is, the more the necessity to embody it in my work. Horror, psychedelia and liminality appear quite often in what I do. However, sometimes I just paint a pleasant picture.”