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Daniil Dvinskykh

Born in 1998 in Moscow. Currently studying at the School of Design in Higher School of Economics, Moscow.


“I decided to look closer at the science fiction discourse, rethinking Russian cosmism traditions, which are getting more relevant in the days of Elon Musk and space tourism. The world itself becomes unreal and incomprehensible for the human mind. We are no longer the rulers of the world, we are just a part of a complex system that I consider a living organism.

My practice is one total performance, which aims to discover the universe through my personality. In the process of studying, we build our own systems of symbols and images. I also refer to existing cosmic images, to avoid vocabulary from the world of contemporary art. Constantly looking at the world from a position of an alien, I create my own mythology of universe, where I create all  the rules myself..”

– group shows:

HSE x Sample pre-auction exhibition (HSE gallery, Moscow, 2019)

Reference point – forest (Bitsevsky forest, Moscow, 2019)

Find a friend (Elektrozavod gallery, Moscow, 2019)

I SHAPE MY WORLD (HSE art gallery, Moscow, 2019)

Process in progress (Solyanka gallery, Moscow, 2018)

Grounding | Lightning rod (GRAUND Peschanaya gallery, Moscow, 2018)

City Archive (Bogorodskoye Gallery, Moscow, 2018)

WE WILL NEVER GET LOST IN THIS FOREST (forest, Moscow Region, 2018)

Observer effect / 6th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art (Winzavod, Moscow, 2018)

Telling stories fest (Digital october, Moscow, 2018)

Design next (Central House of Artists, Moscow, 2018)


– personal shows:

– EVERYTHING (private workshop, Moscow, 2019)

– Za putano! (private workshop, Moscow, 2018)