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Roman Manikhin

Was born in Moscow in 1977. He graduated from the faculty of Communication design of Stroganov Academy of Arts in 2008. He paints, creates print graphic design and installation art. In 2011 he was elected a member of Moscow Painters’ Union for the Poster Art department. Since 2013 he’s been an ambassador for Dmitry Barbanel’s Project Campus. Since 2005 he has worked as a magazine illustrator for major publishing houses. One of the most articulated themes in his work is female sexuality. The artist often addresses marginal sexuality, uncovering the extensiveness and variability of the topic, as well as ironically discusses the fetishisation of sex, having Freudian symbolism as the fundament. The artist’s paintings are on display at the museum Art4 and in private collections in Russia, Italy, Turkey, Denmark, Sweden and the USA.


Roman Manikhin is  one of the most prominent and original figure on Russian pop-art scene. He is well known for his provocatives  paintings of women and objects inspired by pop culture and the esthetics of contemporary life. Women with their lush lips, wide-open eyes, billowing breasts and dressed  in adjoining apparels, are depicted with cute animals against colourful landscape as well as in urban spaces and in private appartements. Manikhin expresses this  respect to woman’s beauty by methods of paintings. Using fauvism’s methods of representation, the artist combines effects of paintings that appeared were at  the beginning of twentieth century. He focuses on helplesnness, availability, tenderness and “fluidity” of woman’s character.

2018 —  «Селедка под шубой» Галерея Grisk, Орхус 2018 — «Цирк! Цирк! Цирк!», Музей актуального искусства Art4.ru, Москва 2017 — «Ха-ха-ха Москва», Музей актуального искусства Art4.ru, Москва 2017 — Аarhus street art fesguge, Grisk, Орхус 2016 —«Трехнога бородатая женщина бросает свадебный букет», Музей актуального искусства Art4.ru, Москва 2013 —«YIA-2013», Direktorenhaus, Берлин 2012 —«Поселок дачный», галерея Еврейского центра толерантности, Москва 2006— “Пространство” , ММОМА, Москва