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Tina Kazakhishvili

Tina Kazakhishvili lives and works in Tbilisi. Being an architect by profession, Tina started shooting purely for architectural purposes, but gradually realized that in photography she was mainly interested in people and only in people. Since 2008, photography has become her second profession. Tina shoots on film, mostly black and white photos.


“I prefer to leave my works untitled to let everyone understand them in their own way. Photography was my biggest passion, but now it is my profession,” says Tina Kazakhishvili. Indeed, since 2008, photography has become her second profession. Before that, she shot only if necessary. On the first profession, Kazakhishvili is an architect. After many years, when her attention was focused exclusively on man-made buildings, she switched to people with great interest. But these are not just portraits or household sketches. Kazakkhishvili is interested in the social dimension of photography. How do we see the human body? How do we see the bodies that have fallen out of the normative order of things? How do we see the interacting bodies? These are the questions she asks. “My photos tell more and better about me than I do myself,” these words of Kazakhishvili are absolutely true. Her photos are poetic, expressionistic, playing with hints and shimmering shades, they cannot be retold in two words.



va (Galla Gallery, Тбилиси, 2010)

Now (Gallery # 9, Тбилиси, 2011)

Ex Oriente Lux (AFF Galerie, Берлин, 2012)

Month of Photography (Денвер, 2015)

Month of Photography (Денвер, 2017)