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Love Curly

Luibov Kucheryavaya is an artist, illustrator and set-designer (her pseudonym Love Curly is a literal translation of her name –– Liubov Kucheriava). Born in Simferopol, Crimea, 1984. Currently lives and works in Kyiv. In 2006 graduated from the National Academy of Environmental Protection and Development Architecture course. Works as an illustrator in non-commercial TISSUE Magazine.


“When I wake up I always wonder to take a brush and make a stroke on paper. I almost get physical pleasure from it. I love watercolor because everything happens as quickly as possible, there is no time to step back and think – the image comes out extremely honest.

All of my works have a sexual connotation. For me drawing is a kind of therapy, I can only experience positive vibrations in that process. It helped to shape my idea of sex, neutralise all the negative stereotypes I had before and purify the very notion of sex. To have sex you need to get naked not only in a physical sense, but this process also requires a certain level of trust in a partner and acceptance of yourself. When all the tags and labels fall down, it gets much easier to understand the nature of your real desires, accept them with no judgment or embarrassment. In short, my work is about how to love yourself and help others to find this feeling.”


2021 – “Vacation”, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia.
2020 – Blazar Young Contemporary Art Fair, Moscow, Russia.
2017 – TISSUE Magazine show, Gallery Raum linksrechts, Hamburg, Germany.