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Lyudmila Baronina

Born in Szczecinek, Poland, lives and works in Krasnodar. Graduated from the Faculty of Easel Graphics of the Art and Industry Academy of KSUKI and Krasnodar Institute of Modern Art. In 2017, she received a special prize (residence and exhibition according to the results of the residence) from the Smirnov Foundation and Sorokin in the 6th competition of young artists "New projects for Anna Nova Art Gallery".


Lubok, the Soviet school of book illustration, medieval engravings, ancient Egyptian papyrus paintings, wine labels, images from the press of the 90s about aliens and huge rats in the subway – Ludmila Baronina is inspired by everything, both in style and in plots. All these elements do not spill over into the chaotic disarray of the artist’s work. On the contrary, her projects are tied together as permanent leitmotifs. With passion and drive – at the same time quickly and a lot – she builds one story after another, without losing quality and ingenuity. For idea realization, she uses all imaginable medium, from time to time blending them sharply. The artist is ready to look for the necessary materials on the most intimate fleas, the main thing is that they fit her idea exactly. She has an amazing sense of texture. Baronina is one of the most dynamic authors of today’s Krasnodar.

– сольные:

Веселись или умри (культурный центр «Типография», Краснодар, 2015)

Вести из ниоткуда (культурный центр «Типография», Краснодар, 2016)

Укрытие (мастерская Фонда Владимира Смирнова и Константина Сорокина, Москва, 2017)

Впусти меня. Я здесь (выставочный зал «ЗДЕСЬ» на Таганке, Москва, 2018)

Ebypt. От перестановки мест слагаемых сумма не меняется (музей «АРТ4», Москва, 2019)

Чтобы нарисовать гору, возьми камень (галерея «Триумф», Москва, 2019)

– групповые:

Специальный проект краснодарского центра современного искусства «Типография» (ярмарка «COSMOSCOW», Москва, 2017)

Трагедия в углу (Музей Москвы, 2018)


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