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Kristina Romanova

Born, lives and works in Moscow. Photographer, artist, art manager. Curator at Triumph Gallery and the Department of Research Arts multidisciplinary. Romanova graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute and the Russian State Humanitarian University, she continued her studies at the Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia named after Rodchenko in the workshop of Project photography. Nominee of the Innovation Award 2017 for her curatorial project PROMETEY. DEMO VERSION: The experiment promises to become art (2016, Research Institute x Alpbau, Moscow). The author’s works are in the collection of the Russian Museum and in private collections.


Calm, melancholic landscapes, a lot of air – this is the world of Kristina Romanova. There is nothing unnecessary. It seems that there is no wind at all, that the fog has been covering the earth for ages. Water does not flow, and the sea waves resemble frozen sand dunes. Earth does not rotate as it should; it just hangs in a gravity. There is no void, everything is occupied with ether. The artistic objects that Romanova creates absorb this desire for continuity and maximum stability. These images are no longer photographs. They are closer to archaic formats like engravings – where the material itself squeezes and tightly interlocks individual elements of the image; where there is not even a hint of movement; where flatness triumphs over volume. It is interesting that in order to create those effects Romanova, unlike many of today’s artists mastering ancient crafts, manages to do it with modern and easy means. The artist, of course, curtsies towards the old masters, such as Peter Bruegel, but this is completely unnecessary to mention. Everything is obvious in her works.

– group shows:

Moscow-Kazan-Moscow (Tsarskaya Tower Gallery, Moscow, 2017)

About ShR. 10 years to Rodchenko School (Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow, 2016)

Symbol (Art Park Symbol, Moscow, 2016)

“Non-places” (Center of Contemporary Culture SMENA, Kazan, 2016)

Space Mistakes ( GRAUND, Moscow, 2016)

Own Land / Alien Territory (Central Exhibition Hall Manege, Moscow, 2016)

Moscow Art Communities (Museum of Moscow, 2015)

The Practice of Real Research (Belyaevo Gallery, Moscow, 2015)

3rd Museum Photo Biennale of Contemporary Art (Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, 2015)

The top of knowledge (ZIL, Moscow, 2015)

Muscovia. Research (All-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Arts, Moscow, 2014)

A Year Uncensored (FotoLoft, Moscow, 2012)


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