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Stephan Dybus

Artist, lives and works in Berlin. Born in Magdeburg in a family of teenagers. He was not able to become part of the graffiti party, but he was able to study a course in Visual Communications at the University of Art and Design in Halle.


The artist set himself a really difficult task – to paint like his seven-year-old daughter. It is not as simple as it seems. But he copes with it. Stefan Dubus is a poet of failures. However, he is not a pessimist at all. Everything that pushes other people into depression, panic and irritation, the artist gets an ironic color. He kind of tells us: “Well, what is it? No matter what troubles you are in, there is no reason to be upset!” His drawings are a whole gallery of losers and sufferers. One literally burns his stomach, the other has too short arms, the third fell apart, the fourth is a victim of undivided love, and the fifth has a balloon. Everybody complains and everyone is happy, living a full life. Dubus plunges the audience into a world of absurdity and carnival, light madness and phantasmagoria. Without humor in the artist’s world, nothing happens at all. There are no rules and laws, except one: you should laugh, or giggle quietly, or at least barely smile.

– сольные:

From Nowhere To Nothing (выставочный зал WESERHALLE, Берлин, 2018)

– групповые:

Highlights (Музей Парка Горького, Москва, 2018)

Mixed Melted (ярмарка «SEOUL ILLUSTRATION FAIR», Сеул, 2018)