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Olga Ushakova

Born in Moscow, lives and works in New York. Graduated from NYU Tisch School, majoring in Photography and History of Art. At the moment she works as a photographer and producer.


A little mystery, a little sensuality, a little naive beauty. Olga Ushakova works with a recognizable texture. Her photos are full of ordinary things. The keyword for her is simplicity. Indeed, the works are made extremely designed, artificial. Everything superfluous, passing and random is cut off. The only thing left is a verified picture, from beginning to end, produced by the author. The Yellowstone National Park is removed – landscapes and rivers merging with the sky and cutting mountains by lightning. The play of elements is almost like in a painting. Shoots people – they become characters as if invented by an artist, rather than actually living in the world. The surrounding world turns into a theater. Individual parts of bodies that fall into Ushakova’s pictures lose their original human dimension. These extremities as if they were never a part of a living body, rather an articulated man from an art supplies store or a mannequin. A truly illusory world.



See.Me (ярмарка «Art Basel», Майами, 2015)

Teen Art Gallery (New York’s Chashma Gallery, Нью-Йорк, 2017)

Art Takes Soho (See.Me community, Нью-Йорк, 2018)

Cit.i.zen.ship: Reflections on Rights (Tish School of Arts, Нью-Йорк, 2018)

See.Me (ярмарка «Art Basel», Майами, 2018)

See.Me (ярмарка «Armory Show», Нью-Йорк, 2018)