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Julia Zinshtein

Yulia was born in Philadelphia in 1990. Lived in Moscow from 2000 to 2009. She graduated from Parsons Paris in 2012 in Paris and the School of Visual Arts in 2015 in New York. Yulia is currently based in New York.


Yulia Zinshtein born 1990 in Philadelphia to Soviet parents, Zinshtein relocated to Moscow at the age of 10. While her younger years were marked by a cultural identity confusion, fortunately being the Russian in Philadelphia and the American in Moscow proved to be fruitful for developing her aesthetic–one that grew out of an obsession for 80s high school movies, Archie Comics and a craving for the glitter, make-up and heels of Moscow’s glam city centre. Yulia’s paintings seek out a world that lies just beyond the image being presented. Her appreciation of idiosyncratic atmospheres and the quirks of mundanity consider what the nooks and crannies of embodied femininity might look like. She is a lover that is always waiting and dreaming.



Baba Yaga (Grand Buffet, Hudson, 2019)

Planned Parenthood Gala (Pier 36, New York, 2017)

Body Talk (Project Gallery Studios, Toronto, 2016)

Feelings Film Festival II (Anthology Film Archives, New York, 2015)