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blazar young art fair

9 September 2020 - 13 September 2020


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Первая ярмарка молодого современного искусства blazar пройдет с 9 по 13 сентября 2020 года в Музее Москвы.

blazar – официальный сателлит Cosmoscow, а также специальный проект VII Московской международной биеннале молодого искусства.

Ярмарка призвана способствовать поиску, развитию и продвижению молодых авторов, структура площадки позволит посетителям получить новый опыт взаимодействия с институциями, коллекционерами, критиками и участниками. В blazar примут участие 12 галерей, 6 образовательных институций, 2 некоммерческих проекта и 67 художников в начале творческой карьеры, работающих независимо, 28 из них – художники SAMPLE. 

Учредители blazar: команды ярмарки Cosmoscow, онлайн-галереи молодого искусства Sample и агентства Anna Dyulgerova Communication.


SAMPLE online auction rules

  1. Register to participate in the auction

    To participate in the auction, you should register on the website - registration takes just a minute. Please enter your first name, last name and the email address. Your personal account is ready, now you can track your orders and save favourite works.

  2. Virtual exhibition

    On the auction page you can "visit" a virtual exhibition, see framing examples and how the works look on the walls. If you want to make a bid, click on the link – it will take you to the auction page of a chosen lot.

  3. How to place a bid

    The first bid may begin with the starting price of the work. You can determine the maximum price that you are ready to bid (you will need to place it manually) or choose the price with a proposed step of 1,000 rubles or 2,000 rubles using the up arrow in the price window. In order to place a bid, you need to click on the "place a bid" button - you will shortly receive a confirmation email. If another participant broke your bid, you will receive an email notification offering to make one more bid, which must be higher than the opponent’s one.

  4. Buy a lot right away

    You can buy a lot for the offered price without participating in the auction by pressing “buy now” button. Congratulations! You won the auction and became the owner of the work.

  5. Winning the auction

    If your bid was highest at the end of the auction, or you clicked the “buy now” button – you won the lot. You will receive an email with confirmation and a link to make the payment for the work. After the payment, the gallery manager will get in touch with you and confirm the order.