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Nikita Lukyanov’s One More Day project in Richter

17 October 2020 - 18 October 2020

Pyatnitskaya St, 42

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“Richter” and the online gallery of young art SAMPLE present Nikita Lukyanov’s One More Day project. The photo exhibition will last two weekends – October 17 and 18.

The One More Day project is named after a hotel in Turkey, where Nikita Lukyanov spent his holidays making masks and sculptures from local materials. The artist found the materials near the hotel and on the seashore. Together with photographer Anisya Kuzmina, the artist turned the hotel room into a workshop, where the couple took pictures of art objects, inventing new plots. The project resulted in a series of photos and several physical masks that can be seen at the exhibition.

Sofia Simakova, co-founder of SAMPLE, tells about the exhibition: “Nikita Lukyanov’s One More Day series captures the viewer’s attention with a story that certainly stands behind each photo and tries to escape from it. Sun-drenched white hotel walls, green grass, black T-shirt stretched like a drapery, blue sky become bright backgrounds for fancy still lifes composed by the artist from fruits, masks and parts of his own body. The bright colors of objects, subtle straight lines and balanced compositions remind Alexander Calder’s modules. Taking him as his starting point, Lukyanov created his modules on purpose, making them primitive, naive, and simple. These pictures, a little shy of themselves, are actually encrypted chronicles of a romantic summer voyage to the sea”.

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