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Affordable Art with MMOMA and SAMPLE

Tuesday, 16 November 2021

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Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA) and SAMPLE online gallery present a collaboration with gastroprojects: 'Paket Kartoshki' and WILDSODA lemonade.

The packaging and label for the products were created by young artists Alexey Dubinsky and Alisa Gvozdeva. This collaboration is part of a three-year collaboration between MMOMA and SAMPLE, aimed at supporting contemporary art and attracting young artists. You will be able to get in touch with art from November 16 by ordering products through Yandex. lavka.

Participants of the project 
Alexei Dubinsky was born in Grozny, lives and works in Moscow and Tbilisi. In 2001-2005 he studied at Nizhny Novgorod Art College in the Department of Design of Architectural Environment. In 2011 he graduated from the Faculty of Painting (studio of historical and religious painting) at the Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture Ilya Glazunov. The same year he won the Martini Art Weekend competition and was awarded a trip to Saint Martins University of London for an educational course.

Alisa Gvozdeva was born in St Petersburg in 1996. She graduated from the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences in the Cognitive Studies program at St. Petersburg State University. Despite her academic activities, the liberal education system allowed the artist to gain knowledge in the fields of art, anthropology and philosophy. Alice now creates complexly composite color drawings and ironic ceramic objects.

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA) is the first state museum in Russia specializing in art of the 20th and 21st centuries. Since its opening, the museum has expanded its scope of activities many times over and has been recognized by the general public. The institution’s priorities include art education, support for young artists, its own publishing program, development of inclusive projects, scientific activities, and laboratory expertise. Today the museum actively develops a regional program and contributes to maintaining the unified rhythm of the artistic life of the country.

SAMPLE Online Gallery is a project to introduce the works and practices of young artists to a wider audience, to dispel the stereotype about the inaccessibility of contemporary art and to establish a dialogue between young artists and collectors. The main activities of the project are selling works, organizing online and offline exhibitions and auctions. 

During its existence SAMPLE team sold more than 1500 works of art, organized 12 auctions, took part in dozens of events and organized a lot of exhibitions. Projects were held at venues in the MMOMA, GUM, Gorky Park Museum, the Moscow Museum, the Triumph Gallery, and the HSE Gallery. During the 2020 quarantine, SAMPLE held several joint auctions to support other projects – with The Blueprint online publication, the Museum of Architecture, Richter’s Workshops, and the Scene/szena Gallery.

‘Paket kartoshki’ is Moscow’s most fashionable chips, handmade and not at all like the mass-produced potatoes from Mikhail Gannushkin and Yan Lebedev.

‘Paket kartoshki’ appeared in Moscow bars in the summer of 2019. Minimalistic design, ascetic composition – only potatoes, oil, salt and powder from natural ingredients – ensured their love of the fashionable Moscow audience. 

The business became not just a financially profitable, but a way of life and a beloved project. Its founders, Jan and Misha, made a product that they buy themselves almost every day and which is inextricably linked to their idea of leisure, fun, friendship and… potatoes.

Now you can find ‘Paket kartoshki’ at the vernissage in the MMOMA, in a chain of stores ‘Miratorg’ on the way to the cottage, in VkusVill near the office, order it in ‘Samokat’ or even take it for a walk in the cafe of the House of Creativity in Peredelkino. 

From the basic flavor of the classic salt potato ‘Paket kartoshki’ has evolved into chips flavored with nori and vinegar, and the most welcome guests at any party have become the classic salt and truffle chips. 

In the summer of 2019, three friends – an ideologist, a technologist and a marketer – decided to create a drink for those who love their healthy habits and don’t want to give them up. The word ‘lemonade,’ beloved since childhood, determined the vector of thought.  

Hooligan citrus sourness became the basis for WILDSODA. Daring bright spot of irregular shape, which captures our attention looking at the label, reminds of a fruit with peel, the color of which reflects the complimentary taste and tactfully “cuts” the diamond flesh. Tangerine, orange, grapefruit and lime are combined with sweet strawberries, exotic passion fruit, delicate mango, ruby pomegranate and a sprig of fragrant mint.    

SAMPLE online auction rules

  1. Register to participate in the auction

    To participate in the auction, you should register on the website - registration takes just a minute. Please enter your first name, last name and the email address. Your personal account is ready, now you can track your orders and save favourite works.

  2. Virtual exhibition

    On the auction page you can "visit" a virtual exhibition, see framing examples and how the works look on the walls. If you want to make a bid, click on the link – it will take you to the auction page of a chosen lot.

  3. How to place a bid

    The first bid may begin with the starting price of the work. You can determine the maximum price that you are ready to bid (you will need to place it manually) or choose the price with a proposed step of 1,000 rubles or 2,000 rubles using the up arrow in the price window. In order to place a bid, you need to click on the "place a bid" button - you will shortly receive a confirmation email. If another participant broke your bid, you will receive an email notification offering to make one more bid, which must be higher than the opponent’s one.

  4. Buy a lot right away

    You can buy a lot for the offered price without participating in the auction by pressing “buy now” button. Congratulations! You won the auction and became the owner of the work.

  5. Winning the auction

    If your bid was highest at the end of the auction, or you clicked the “buy now” button – you won the lot. You will receive an email with confirmation and a link to make the payment for the work. After the payment, the gallery manager will get in touch with you and confirm the order.