Igor Samolet

Cat from the series Breakfast for Artem

120,700 Pigment printing, edition of 4+2
Size 60 × 40 cm
Country Россия
Year 2016

Igor Samolet's «Breakfast for Artyom» photo series is inspired by the artist's relationship with his nephew Artyom. Having grown up in the age of neural networks and clip culture, Artyom can hardly look up from the screen. Igor tried offering him different activities to help him gain new emotional experience through physical interaction and to jump out of virtual space to the offline reality. This battle for the child's attention became a crusade against Fixiki, Superman and videogames.  Building on the tradition of vernacular photography and exploring the aesthetics of the amateur photos from VKontakte, Igor creates touching images of everyday family life. A part of the Multimedia Art Museum (Moscow) collection, «Breakfast for Artyom» was published in the «Foam» magazine and exhibited at various international festivals. 


Subtotal 120,700
Frame 0
Mount 0
Total 120,700