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Aleksey Dubinsky

Born in 1985 in Grozny, lives and works in Moscow and Tbilisi. In 2001-2005 studied at the Nizhny Novgorod Art College in the Department of Design of the architectural environment. In 2011 he graduated from the faculty of painting (studio of historical and religious painting) at the Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture Ilya Glazunov. The same year he won the Martini Art Weekend competition and was awarded a trip to Saint Martins University of London for an educational course.


In his reflections, observations, and paintings, Dubinsky tries to explore human life from different perspectives. He likes to observe the everyday reality of a person, a very different person, and he likes to observe how people, aware of the mortality of everyday life, nevertheless try to see in it something extraordinary and incredible, even magical. Maybe it is a game of fantasy, or maybe it is a real reality that exists within the boundaries of an intuitive and imaginary world and cannot break through and manifest itself in any way. A person often drives away fantasies and hopes because it is much easier and more comfortable for him to exist in ordinary reality. But often these same people inside live in the most magical world.

Alexey likes to observe a person’s memory, which, when examined closely, turns out to be a very living and malleable matter. Memory can be changed, corrected, guided. It is a very shaky and subtle matter.

The artist strives to see the world in its magical simplicity, but begins to notice various events only when observing them at the bedside. It is reminiscent of the process of meditation, which, with proper concentration, reveals what has always been there, but remained unnoticed.

For himself, Dubinsky calls this approach domestic surrealism or “magical realism. This method helps to look at the world as an inexhaustible source of material for any fantasy. Within one world there are always hidden passageways to other worlds, their number has no limits. Thus, small, insignificant objects and events of everyday life can be the keys to moving to another level of thinking and existence. The artist likes to balance between wandering among everyday objects and cosmic journeys among worlds. In his endeavor, he tries to unite everyday life and its true essence.


2021 – “Diaries. Eve’s Life and Other Notes”, Window Project Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia. 
2021 – “Starlight and the Minotaur’s Labyrinth”, MMOMA, Moscow, Russia.
2018 – “A glimpse at the border of sky and prose”, TRIUMPH Gallery, Moscow, Russia. 


2021 – Cosmoscow Contemporary Art Fair, Moscow, Russia. 
2021 – “VACATION”, MMOMA, Moscow, Russia.
2020 – “Blazar” Young Contemporary Art Fair, Moscow, Russia. 
2020 – “Low lows to high highs”, Window Project Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia. 
2020 – “State of Emergency”, TRIUMPH Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
2019 – “Library”, TRIUMPH Gallery, Moscow, Russia. 
2019 – “Rub the Bronze Dog’s Nose”, MMOMA, Moscow, Russia. 
2018 – “Highlights”, Gorky Park Museum, Moscow, Russia. 


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