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Alexey Dubinsky

Alexey transforms our reality through his artistic perception and creates stunning compositions by looking at which you begin to perceive others in a different way. Recently he moved to Tbilisi from Moscow. It is said that his friends miss him very much. However, this information is unverified.


«I do not apprehend portraits as some sort of document that certifies a human’s existence. I believe that everyone has a certain image, a representation of oneself even if they are not aware of it. But when I create a portrait it is this representation that I reveal. I usually start with a sketch, then transpose it to the canvas and it is during this process that the representation emerges. The representation is partly imaginary, partly based on the person’s stories about himself or on what others tell about him. While creating the portrait the representation may transform and become almost unrecognisable”.

– solo shows:

Взгляд на границе неба и прозы (галерея «Триумф», Москва, 2018)

– group shows:

Candy Kingdom (галерея «Гараж/We Art», Николина Гора, 2013)

We Art Weekend Now (галерея «Гараж/We Art», Николина Гора, 2013)