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Anna Tsoj

Born in 1989 in Tashkent. Lives and works in Moscow. Graduated from Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography with a degree in painting, then in the same Institute Anna studied animated film direction. She also studied at the Dmitry Gorelyshev’s Simple School.


Expeditions and travels are not just beautiful words for Anna Tsoy. Her drawings are like tourist photos. Quick shots taken while running from one site to another. Erupting volcanoes, majestic mountains, unreally beautiful  flowers and birds immediately turn into postcards to keep a long memory. The world is not just being archived, the artist creates her own catalog of mountains and seas. She doesn’t simply  add hieroglyphs-indications to them, but translates the documented objects into symbols, into signs of a certain foreign language. These “photos” are being edited, color-corrected and improved. And finally, we get a reportage in a non-existent magazine, alluring pictures in brochures or posters on the walls in the office of an imaginary travel agency. Anna Tsoi shares with us what she saw and invites a viewer to make a trip to the same places, through her drawings –  postcards hanging on the wall in the living room.

– group shows:

site-specific mural for Section concept store (GUM, Moscow, 2019)

Wednesday. Cardboard. Machine (Art-Trophy gallery, Moscow, 2016)

Unknowns (Art-Trophy gallery, Moscow, 2016)