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Benjamin Badock

Benjamin Badock was born in East Germany in 1974. He stretches the limits of printmaking by experimenting with classical printing technologies.


Known as a painter printmaker, he incorporates painting into his art prints with singular fluidity. Through the range of his installations and pictures, Badock exposes viewers to abstract mental rabbit holes, micro and macro cosmal life questions, and nuanced notions of architecture.


…Yellow and blue, that’s for you (Parotta Contemporary Art, Cologne, 2018)

Open Studio (Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris, 2017)

Die Restrospektive (Thaler Originalgrafik, Leipzig, 2017)

Du hier (Sprengel-Museum, Hanover, 2014

Newsroom (Parotta Contemporary Art, Stuttgart, 2014)

Open Studio (Baumwollspinnerei, Leipzig, 2011)

I like Reality (HOP galerii, Tallinn, 2006)



Multiple Art Days (Monnaie de Paris, Paris, 2018)

Gier (Galerie Axel Obiger, Berlin, 2017)

Pentomino (Thaler Originalgrafik,Leipzigг, 2015)