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Boris Chaika

Born in 1994, lives and works in Saint Petersburg.


Boris creates abstract works, which, according to him, arise quite randomly. Clean execution guides the practice is to elevate randomness to the rank of art. The artist refuses to name and verbalize his works in order not to burden the viewer with extraneous meanings and to hinder his perception. Boris designates the works as “pieces” without neglecting their value and without criticizing the capitalist society, in which the goods are numbered one by one.

2021 – “vertical distance”, 1.201asc, St. Petersburg, Russia. 
2021 – “the other side of pink”, Gallery 2.04, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
2021 – “When I Grow Up”, DiDi gallery, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
2021 – “If You Love, Let Go”, Richter, Moscow, Russia. 
2021 – “Gradients”, notforsale, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
2020 – “The Square”, collective exhibition of SWO participants, Moscow, Russia.
2020 – “Dinner” performance
2019 – “Web Realist Fest”, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.