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Evgeniya Dudnikova

Evgenia Dudnikova was born in 1995 in Ramenskoye in a family of monumental sculptors. She studied at the Stroganov Moscow State Academy of Arts and Industry at the faculty of monumental and decorative painting.


Evgeniya spent her childhood in Kratov academic dachas, which instilled her with a love of nature and was later reflected in her works. Also at the age of 12, she began to learn how to ride a horse and from that moment horses became the leitmotif of many of Evgeniya’s works.

– group shows:

Bauhaus games (Russian State Art Library, Moscow, 2019)
Workshop 20’19. Dismorphophobia, or the war within your mind (MMOMA, Moscow, 2019)
Free off (CCI Fabrika, Moscow, 2019)
KosMost (Kostroma Municipal Art Gallery, Kostroma, 2018)
It drives me crazy (MMOMA, Moscow, 2018)
Above is only art (Federation Tower, Moscow, 2018)
Cat Festival of Contemporary Art (Bakery, Moscow, 2017)
Workshop 17 (MMOMA, Moscow, 2017)
April Theses (Tunnel, Moscow, 2017)
Primates (Darwin Museum, Moscow, 2016)
Taibola Northern art festival (Arkhangelsk region, 2015)