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Ekaterina Costa

Russian-American artist born in 1995 in Moscow. She shortly studied Philosophy and Metaphysics at The University of Oxford, before transferring to Parsons Paris, from where she received a BFA in 2017. She is the co-founder of Berlin-based feminist collective “Slanted House”. Her work investigates themes of the contemporary Russian identity and domesticity through the lens of memory and language, manifesting primarily as text-based installations, works on paper and photography. She lives and works in Paris since 2014.


Drawing on personal childhood memories and symbols of the feminine and the domestic, Ekaterina Costa reflects on the contemporary Russian identity. Her practice manifests primarily as works on paper (drawings, typographic compositions and photographs). These monochrome images, bleached of the saturation that colors our reality, come into view through the distorted haze of memory. Harnessing the familiar, static genres of still life and landscape, she focuses on the domestic space as a cultural spatio-temporal prism, through which identity is filtered and shaped.

Personal exhibitions:
2021 – “Sonambule,” satellite exhibition of the 1heure61 project, Montreuil, France.
2020 – “Portes Ouvertes”, Montreuil Open Workshops, Montreuil, France. 
2019 – “Le Midi”, Montreuil Open Workshops, Montreuil, France. 
2018 – “Queer Surfaces”, Hopscotch, Berlin, Germany. 
2018 – “Les Temps Sauvages II”, NMT Creative Association at ATLAS, Brussels, Belgium. 
2017 – “We’re speaking alone together”, Galerie Crous, Paris, France. 

Group exhibitions:
2018 – “These Here Spilt Voices,” Circle 1 Gallery, Berlin, Germany. 
2016 – “China Darlinger”, Vitrine 65 Gallery, Paris, France.