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Alena Rakova is Moscow based artist known as Exantres. Alena holds professional degree in Environmental Design from Moscow Art and Industry Institute. Before focusing exclusively on painting and playing music under the XNTRS alias, Alena has worked as freelance stylist for fashion and commercial photoshoots and videos.


Working in an intuitive, expressive manner, Exantres mostly focuses on the topics of female essence, energy and the inner strength. She aims to convey the essence of things through sensations, combinations of colors, spots and lines, so that the viewer decides what the work is about, based on her own experiences. In addition to female characters, you can often see flowers and still lifes in the works.

Exantres uses mixed techniques: it can be gouache on paper, along with pencils and pastels, or canvas and acrylics, as well as pencils and oil pastels. Now the artist is trying herself in the new types of fine art too.

Personal exhibition:
2021 – “22º – 22º”, BOOROOM GALLERY, Moscow, Russia.

Selected group exhibitions and projects:
2021 – Rabota Russian Art, Auctioncollective online auction
2021 – blazar young contemporary art fair, Moscow, Russia.
2021 – Project “Green Line”, Moscow Museum of Transport, Moscow, Russia. 
2021 – “Uber art”, Moscow, Russia.
2021 – “Vacation”, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia.
2021 – “The Rite of Spring”, Auctioncollective online auction
2021 – “Rosa Lux”, WIP, Moscow, Russia. 
2020 – blazar young contemporary art fair, Moscow, Russia.
2016 – 6th festival of young art “ART.WHO.ART”, “Khlebozavod №9”, Moscow, Russia.
2014 – 1st festival of young art “ART.WHO.ART”, Flamenqueria cultural center, Moscow, Russia.