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Mani Vertigo

Mani Vertigo was born in Russia, first studied in Moscow in BHSAD, and later moved to UK to study Visual Communications at University of Hertfordshire. Mani was mostly focusing on illustrations and graphic design in her study, but was making fine art and participating in art exhibitions in the meantime. A couple years ago she moved to Stockholm, Sweden. Normally she’s working on the project or an idea, and all paintings in that period are dedicated to that idea. A project can last from 1 day to a year. But each piece does not take longer then one hour to finish.


Projects are tightly connected to changes inside artist and her perception of the external happenings. Things that could change and inspire her could be anything: it could be new love, new city, person on the train or void, anything. Mani paint on medium and big size canvases with oil and mixed media. Style can differ from very detailed figurative expressionism to abstract. She also makes sculptures and music.


– “Young and beautiful” group exhibition, ARTBasement, Moscow, Russia



– “December Blues”, solo exhibition, ArteFaq, Moscow, Russia

– “Storyline Soroka”, group exhibition, Fumetto International Comics Festival, Lucerne, Switzerland.

– “Complex Abstract Feeling”, solo exhibition, NII, Moscow, Russia



– “Incidence”, group exhibition, Moscow Biennale of Young Art, Moscow, Russia

– “Russia Self and Others”, Rose Lipman, London, UK


– “Dear God Art project, LA RONDA , Quito, Ecuador

– “Sweet Daemon No 5”, 52A Coffee House, London, UK


– London Design Festival 2013, Performance at SpaceWarp, HAS Studio, London, UK

– New Designers 2013, London, UK

– Degree Show HEADLINES, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, UK



– End of a Year Student Show, selected works, BHSAD, Moscow Russia

– Installation at music festival, Coming Soon, Art Play, Moscow Russia



– Group Exhibition “Mutation”, Gallery 180m2, Moscow, Russia

– End of a Year Student Show, selected works, BHSAD, Moscow, Russia



– Foundation Show, selected works, BHSAD, Moscow, Russia