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Natasha Goncharova

Born in Moscow in 1995. Graduated from the Institute of Modern Art of Joseph Bakstein (2018-2020), graduated from the College of Artistic Crafts № 59 (2011-2015) by profession "Artist of Russian crafts and lacquer miniatures". Started exhibition activities in self-organization "APXIV" (ICA Moscow) in January 2017. Then opened her own space "Stenka-Vyshka" (July 2017 - March 2018). Works in various techniques such as installation, sculpture, graphics, painting, video, street art. Lives and works in Moscow.


“In my works I focus on mythology and time. I create a chronicle using my own artistic language of symbols, heroes and phenomena. In these totems of the past I am interested to feel and reflect the existing reality. Creativity is an action that preserves and makes immortal the moments of the past, my works are portals for time travel. On the first formation, I am the artist of Russian national crafts, therefore I am interested in a theme of Russian mythology. I reconstruct a cultural heritage in symbols, work with reality through the matter of the past, it helps to understand, how the past and the present join in a matrix of our society”.

– сольные: Призма будущего – настоящее – прошлое (Москва, 2017) Стенка – Вышка (Москва, 2017) – групповые: У вас 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 новых сообщений (ЦТИ Фабрика, Москва, 2018) Unheimlich (APXIV Moscow 2017 Underwear Group, Москва, 2017)

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