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Olga Shurygina

Olga Shurygina is a multimedia artist. She works between Russia and Uzbekistan. In her practice, Olga relies on the concept of Karl Rogers, who disputes the barbaric anti-humanity of mankind, predetermined at the genetic level.


The artist turned to the traditional female symbols and the role of women in modern society through the lifestyle and profession of her grandmother, who for her entire life worked as the main fabric artist in the silk factory in Margilan, Uzbekistan. The basis was the idea of such stigmatization of “female”, common for both Russia and Uzbekistan, as traditional women’s crafts and symbols.

The first project “Shuzbekistan” is a series of ceramic objects-plates with photographs and collages printed on them. For Olga, it became the starting point of her research. The contours of the plates repeat the original Soviet ceramic plates. Images of flowers were taken from prints invented by the artist’s grandmother. The plates contain photographs of Uzbek women and their everyday life, which Olga took during her trip.

– solo shows: “Shuzbekistan” (Place (ddmm), Moscow, 2019) “Мираж” (land art installation, Muynak, 2019) “Shuzbekistan” (private workshop, Moscow, 2018) – group shows: COSMOSCOW 2018 (gallery The.Dot.Home, Moscow, 2018)


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