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Olga Shurygina

Born in 1987. Received an art academic education at art school 1188 in Moscow for 11 years, where she completed the entire university program. Olga comes from a family of artists, but she has a special bond with her grandmother. Her grandmother's life and profession became the foundation of the artist's practice. Her grandmother, Olga Mikhailovna Azarenko, was born in Uzbekistan and worked all her life as an artist at a silk mill in Margilan.


In 2017, Olga visits her grandmother for the first time and begins her travels in Uzbekistan. For several years the artist has devoted herself to ceramics, land-art installations, work with her grandmother’s fabrics, and watercolor graphics, engaging local residents in her practices. Thus was born one of her projects, “Shuzbekistan. – a country filled with mythology, heroes and symbols. One of the main characters were “little women.”

In 2019, in Uzbekistan, Olga meets a couple of researchers from Russia and New Zealand, the topic of their research is shamanic traditions around the world. Together they travel around Uzbekistan, interacting with local shamans (bakshi) and planning their next trip to Gabon, Africa. Since then, Olga has lived periodically in Gabon, immersing herself in the local tradition.

“My art is a spirit practice, this is my real reality, which is mixed with dreams and experiences that in no other way can be described except through artistic practices. My specialty is my love of directing, so to speak, creating multi-layered poetic images, so I don’t limit myself to mediums. Each new work or project will always be part of some larger project.”

2021 – “Shuzbekistan”, LOBBY, Moscow, Russia.
2019 – “Shuzbekistan”, ddmm, Moscow, Russia.
2019 – “Mirage”, land art installation, Muinak, Russia. 
2018 – “Shuzbekistan”, private workshop, Moscow, Russia. 

2021 – “Homecoming”, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia. 
2020 – fair of contemporary young art blazar, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia.
2018 – Cosmoscow contemporary art fair, The.Dot.Home gallery, Moscow, Russia.