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Rose Harris

London artist, mainly engaged in circulation graphics, mainly the technique of etching and screen printing. After receiving a bachelor's degree from Brighton University, she works in her own studio, Print Club London and Slaughterhaus Print Studio in London.


In her works, Rose explores the interior, creating fabulous, surrealistic and vivid interpretations of home space. The room is an oasis, and the objects are what bring life into it. Rose fantasizes about the dialogue that exists between space and furniture, objects such as chandeliers, chairs, lemon juicers. The artist uses decorative motifs, intricate patterns and a bright palette to make everyday life special.

2017 – Summer Salon, Palm Tree Gallery, Лондон 2017 – No Boundaries, Slaughterhaus Print Studio, Stockwell, Лондон 2018 – Choose Love ‘Help Refugee’s , Somerset House , Лондон 2018 – Exhibition of British Art, The Sicily Oak Gallery, Чешир 2018 – Bottom Drawer, Sydney Mews, Лондон