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Lena Tsibizova

Lives and works in Moscow. Studied philology at the Russian State University for the Humanities, photography at the British Higher School of Design in the studio of Yuri Palmin and the Institute of Modern Art. She participated in the creative association "Troika" (together with Olga Rodina and Anastasia Soboleva). She shot for Vice, Calvert Journal, Port, Bazaar, SNC, Russia Beyond The Headlines, Metropolis.


The creativity of Lena Tsibizova is built on joking but at the same time quite a complex combination. It does not matter what is the material for such experiments – multicolored clothing or natural landscapes. She turns the genre upside down. It’s original still lifes are not organized around the idea of frail existence and transience of life.  They are full of fun, dancing, cursing. Tsibizova’s works are close to carnival culture – dressing, masks, mannerism, chuckle. It is an empty business to look for reality here because there is a double bottom in each photo.

– групповые:

Фестиваль экспериментальной культуры (Prawdazine) (дизайн-завод «Flacon», Москва, 2012)

Le nostre mura (Museo Casa Giorgione, Кастельфранко Венето, 2013)

Тройка (центр дизайна «Artplay», Москва, 2014)

Московия. Research (Всероссийский музей декоративно-прикладного и народного искусства, Москва, 2014)

Трансформация восприятия: от аналога к цифре (ЦСИ «Сокол», Москва, 2014)

Шопениада (Дом-музей А.Н.Скрябина, Москва, 2014)

Dialectical Territories. Landscapes and Abstraction (Intelligentsia Gallery, Пекин, 2014)

Шопениада (Бурятская государственная филармония, Улан-Удэ, 2014)

Si fest (пространство «MIR MAR», Савиньяно-суль-Рубиконе, 2014)

The Sublime Object (Star Gallery, Пекин, 2015)

Пространство Сибирь (галерея «Республика ИЗО», Барнаул, 2015)

Лица Ново-Молоково (культурный центр «Ново-Молоково», Москва, 2015)

Experiencing Landscape (платформа «ISSP», Пельчи/Кулдига, Латвия, 2015)

Not a State, But an Artists’ Colony (Intelligentsia Gallery, Пекин, 2015)

0.10 (Unicorn Centre for Art, Пекин, 2015)

Vienna Contemporary (RDI Culture Marx Halle, Вена, 2015)

2nd Anniversary Exhibition (Intelligentsia Gallery, Пекин, 2016)

The Materialist Postscript (Galerie Philine Cremer, Дюссельдорф, 2016)

Dostoevsky List (Compagnietheater, Амстердам, 2016)

Только неофициальный язык (ЦСИ «Винзавод», Москва, 2016)

You Really Know Where You Are. For the First Time in History (Unicorn Centre for Art, Пекин, 2017)

Death Metal (Пространство «НИИ (Наука и Искусство)», Москва, 2018)

The Reading Room (College of Architecture, Линкольн, США, 2018)