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Varvara Cheltsova

Born in 1996 in Moscow. Lives and studies in Amsterdam. The artist finds her inspiration in visiting new cities and villages, in meeting new people. Her visual language simply helps her to look at them more attentively and combine them with her fantasy. Varvara says that it is not the inspiration, but her emotional state which is the main impulse and motivator for her to work. She gets mood swings and and her practice helps her to calm down easily.


“I almost never know what my work will look like. If I start ahead of time to build a picture in my head, most likely the bad work will come out of this. I try to drop all frames, rules and expectations and just listen to my intuition, which is guiding my eyes and hands, drawing spots and lines that turn into images. ” – says Varvara.

– group shows:

Library (Triumph gallery, Moscow, 2019)
Pictures of my aunt (Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, 2019)
12th International Poster Triennial (Toyama, 2018)
Gzi – Gzi – Gzeo (Workshop of Boris Trofimov, together with the Mayakovsky State Museum, Moscow, 2015)