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Vika Kogay

Born in Moscow in 1989. Lives and works in Moscow. In 2013 Vika graduated from Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography with a degree in multimedia and animation direction. Later she studied at Dmitry Gorelyshev’s Simple School.


Wild drawings. Bright, saturated colours, unconfident lines drawn with a confident hand. Baggy trousers and loose sleeves, jackets with shoulders, wide smiles. Perestroika, chewing gum, action. Here you have “Twin Peaks” and New Artists (and suddenly customs officer Russo) all rolled into one. You can even hear Herbie Hancock with Viktor Tsoi, followed by Depeche Mode and Roxy Music. The lost paradise of the millennials and even those, who were born at the very end of that legendary era, return to it. It is obvious that Vika Kogai enjoys being transferred to this country of myths in the same way as the audience and creators of Stranger Things. And the work on the drawings itself is really enjoyable for her, it’s not just a routine, the artist says: “I like how it feels to put paint on a brush and how a pencil touches the paper, I like to interfere with color, choose the paper, I like the physiology of the whole process. It’s important for me to draw, because this is the moment of complete immersion in “here and now”.

– group shows:

site-specific mural for Section concept store (GUM, Moscow, 2019)

Wednesday. Cardboard. Machine (Art-Trophy gallery, Moscow, 2016)

Unknowns (Art-Trophy gallery, Moscow, 2016)