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Vika Kogay

She graduated from VGIK. S.A. Gerasimov., specializing in multimedia direction in 2013, for 4 years was studying in a group of Dima Gorelyshev at Prostaya Shkola.


“There are two main motives for me. The first is a process. I like to put paint on the roller, and how the pencil comes into contact with the paper, I like to mix colors, choose paper, I like the physiology of the whole process. It is important for me to draw or print, because these are moments of complete immersion in ‘here and now’. The second motive is dialogue. In general, this is an attempt to accept the surrounding chaos, to see in it harmony, beauty, to feel unity with all living beings, to stop condemning people and myself.”


Wednesday. Cardboard. Tool (Gallery Art – trophy, Moscow, 2016)

Strangers (Gallery Art – trophy, Moscow, 2016)