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Yuan-Wen Wang

Born in Taiwan in 1985, currently lives in Spain. Yuan - Wen works on abstract paintings, using a variety of methods to address the audience. She traces common elements in her paintings: Asian origin and life experience in Western culture.


The artist focuses her creative efforts on the process, she does not intend to achieve a perfect final work with sketches. In her works, there is no hierarchy, one image turns into another. This process consists of researching materials; the artist’s search through mediums and forms. Yuan-Wen tries to find her own meanings through artistic practice: a kind of spiritual purification that takes place on the canvas.

2018 – Parallax Art Fair, Лондон 2018 – Solo Exhibition, Nouroom, Барселона 2018 – Flowing, Corretger5, Барселона 2013 – LA DINAMITERA, Барселона 2009 – Des de Fora, Casa del Mig, Барселона 2009 – Somewhere In Between, Untitled BCN, Барселона 2008 – EXPRESSA’T, AMBIT DONA, Барселона