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Young art auction Sample x HSE

Thursday, 19 December 2019

Red square, 3

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SAMPLE – an online-gallery and auction of young contemporary art – and HSE ART GALLERY held their first joined auction of artworks by students of HSE Art and Design school. Pre-auction exhibition opened on December 4th in HSE ART GALLERY. For two weeks guests of the gallery had an opportunity to see paintings, prints, illustrations and sculptures selected by the project’s council. On December 19th the show was moved to one of the GUM’s halls, where the pre New Year auction supported by Section shop took place on the same day.

To put this show together an open call was announced for all the students of HSE Art and Design school. Then selected the most promising projects for the auction were selected Alexandra Lekomtseva and Anna Naumova (SAMPLE co-founders), Yulia Yusma (curator and director for HSE ART GALLERY) and Margarita Pushkina (Cosmoscow contemporary art fair founder). Eventually 33 students contributed for the show.

HSE Art and Design school training process is strongly connected to professional environments; students regularly participate in real projects. The internships, the project based training, the teaching staff comprised of the leading artists, curators and experts in the contemporary art – all work to provide students with a healthy environment for developing their own potential and career growth. A joint project with SAMPLE gives students the opportunity to evaluate their personal perspectives, including commercial ones, to find out what practical actions and tools are necessary for a contemporary artist to develop a career, to participate in a group exhibition and learn from personal experience how contemporary art auctions function.

Artists: Zulfia Aliyeva , Olya Avstreich, Marina Batylina, Tanya Chaika, Daria Chujinova, Irina Dobromyslova, Polina Dmitrieva, Anastasia Dunaeva, Daniil Dvinskikh, Tatyana Egoshina, Anastasia Elizarieva, Anastasia Filippova, Daria Golovkova, Anastasia Kolisnichenko, Anastasia Lebedeva, Natasha Lenkerait, Maria Levina, Mitya Lyalin, Evgenia Milyukova, Katya Mordvinkina, Anna Novikova, Anna Podisova, Masha Polishchuk, Katya Reitman, Ekaterina Rikhireva, Tatyana Smirnova, Olya Terekhova, Sasha Valts, Margarita Varakina, Elena Vlasova, Viktor Zhdanov, Anna Znamenskaya, Alina Zolotikh.

“I strongly support this initiative, since it is very important for young people who are taking their first creative steps in the profession to be able to navigate in the art market, get an understanding on how to promote their talents and ideas, and how to meet future collectors.” – Margarita Pushkina.

“The future artist must be prepared for to meet the real world, he needs practical experience in entering the art scene, full of temptations, illusions, triumphs and defeats. The support of reliable partners will help the emerging artists to find the right guidelines in realizing their creative ambitions at the stage of their education.”- Leonid Bazhanov, Head of Contemporary Art at HSE.

“SAMPLE began with the works of students, and lots of our current authors study in art institutes all over the world. The HSE School of Art and Design, in our opinion, is one of the strongest in Russia. Their program differs from the most art faculties and prepares truly contemporary artists. We are pleased that HSE invited SAMPLE as experts and partners to make this project, and we hope that many of the graduates and participants of this experiment will become artists of the gallery in the future, and our cooperation will become an annual practice.” – SAMPLE team